Installing New Windows in Edmonton

Installing New Windows in Edmonton: 10 Types of Windows to Consider

You must have your own reasons for replacing your old windows—probably they include rot, letting in draft or fogging and condensation. You may just want to revamp your Edmonton house with a new window design. Whatever your reasons for window replacement, you must consider the type of new windows in Edmonton to install. Thankfully, you have a wide range of designs to choose from.

  1. Casement Windows

The design is one of the most popular especially in Europe. Even after the entrance of more modern types of windows, casements seem not to have lost their appeal. They hang on hinges and swing in and out when opening or closing, just like doors. Some of the reasons for their popularity are ease of opening as well as offering superb ventilation. In addition, the tight seal prevents entry of draft when closed.

  • Bay Windows

They are comprised of one big window (which is fixed) in the middle and two others on the side. Together, the three windows assume a curved shape. They also project from the wall. Thus, they are excellent in trapping sunlight from different angles as the sun takes different positions in the sky.

  • Double-Hung Windows

The window is made up of a couple of sashes which can be moved up or down. They are among the most popular windows courtesy of their ability to work with any kind of home style. Furthermore, they come with great ventilation.

  • Single-sash Windows

Invented by Englishman Robert Hooke, the windows consists of two vertically arranged panels. The panel at the top is fixed while the bottom panel can be open to allow inflow of air or more light. The simplicity of the design has won the hearts of many homeowners and builders, which explains why it is popular.

  • Sliding Windows

The windows are designed in such a way that the sashes slide horizontally when opening or closing. The track on which they slide enables easy movement of the sashes. They are a perfect choice for installation over a sink or a counter or where there are obstacles preventing windows from opening outside the wall.

  • Bow Window

There are similarities between a bow and bay window. They both assume a curved shape and are made up of three windows. However, the glass panels used with bay windows are more.

  • Fixed Windows

Like the name suggests, fixed windows cannot open. Therefore, they are most suitably installed in areas where admission of natural light is needed. They can also be installed on interior walls such as above a door. You can choose any shape or size of fixed windows or have them customized.

  • Palladian Windows

Meet Andrea Palladio, an acclaimed architect during the Renaissance age. He came with the idea of what are now known as Palladian windows. They are simply a large panel with two small panels at either side. They also come with an arched top.

  • Jalousie Windows

They are an American invention. However, you can find them installed in homes and commercial buildings all over the world including in Edmonton. They are made up of thin glass strips which are separated and open and close uniformly. This means that when one strip is open, all others are open and likewise with closing.

  1. Awning Window

They are similar to casements with the only difference brought by the fact that they are vertically installed and held in place by top hinges. Thus, they push out when open. They are especially efficient when there is need to allow air inflow while preventing rainwater or light debris from getting into house.

There many different types of windows in Edmonton. Apart from your budget, the amount of light as well as ventilation should determine your choice. What’s more, consider the style of your Edmonton home and pick the type of window that will complement it.

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