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More than Storage: 10 Unique Ways to Use your Backyard Shed

The biggest misconception made by homeowners across Australia is our assumption that sheds
are merely an extra unit for storing items that wouldn’t be a good fit indoors like garden tools and rarely used things like Christmas decorations.

There are more uses for sheds than storage. When you install a shed, you’re automatically opening yourself to a world of possibilities.

There are hundreds of non-storage uses for your shed. Today we’ll look into a few of the
more practical and interesting ones. They include:

1.   Home Gym

It’s time to stop working out in tight quarters indoors and expand your horizon into your backyard. Depending on the size of your shed you can do amazing things like storing workout equipment.

If your shed is large enough, you can go all out and create a fully functional mini gym for you and your loved ones.

2. Playhouse

You can turn your shed into a full-sized dollhouse. Have you considered transforming your shed into the playhouse your kids deserve?

It doesn’t take much to transform your current shed into a beautiful toy house. All you need is a little paint, a few toys and a lot of love.

3. Art Studio:

Artworks and art supplies tend to take up quite a bit of space when left unchecked. Instead of cluttering your kitchen counter and living room with artistic baggage, consider transforming your uninspiring shed into your very own artistic paradise.

4. Man Cave

Have you ever felt that there isn’t any space left for you in your home? With just a few additions like power, a TV, a mini-fridge and a cable connection to your shed, you can be on your way to perfecting your very own masculine sanctuary.

5. Pool House

Instead of letting your shed rot away due to disuse, consider redesigning your shed to fit in perfectly with your pool.

You can store towels, drinks and party favours in your pool house. Take your pool over the top by installing comfortable seats for when you want to escape the sun.

6. Greenhouse

Have you considered using your shed to cultivate delicate plants that are not likely to survive Australia’s harsh weather?

You can do this by installing a watering system, a few troughs and a transparent roof that’ll let in regulated sunlight for photosynthesis.

7. Observatory

The celestial bodies beyond our planet are magnificent. If you love looking up into the sky as much as we do then transforming your shed into an observatory might be what you need.

Get yourself a telescope, install a glass roof or rig your current roof to open up.

8. Workshop

Do you consider yourself to be a handyman or woman or are you a DIY enthusiast? If your answer is yes, then a workshop might be the perfect fit for you.

All you need is a sturdy work table, racks for your tools and the willingness to create perfection.

9. Animal Shelter

You can transform your shed into a living area for your dogs, cats or farm animals such as cows and pigs. With proper insulation, you can keep your companions protected from the elements year round.

10. Home Office

Convert your shed into a fully functional home office and drastically reduce your commute time to work.

A home office is a great idea no matter the nature of your job. You finally get to have a space that’s designated specifically for work and productivity.

It’s a great way to separate work from home without living home.

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