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Reasons to avoid drinking from bottled water

Water is necessary for carrying out essential substances through out the body of a living being. Water that is meant for our drinking purpose should always be safe and pure. Water should always be stored in a clean container. If you are staying in a place where there is a shortage of water supply, then you may have water stored in big drums or pots. But are they even clean? Most of the time how we drink water reflects what kind of society we belong to. If we want our body or our society to stress on our sustainable values, we may choose to drink water only from the disposable plastic bottled water with absolutely no alternative left. For example, if we are visiting a place where there is a lack of water supply then drinking from bottled water is the only option.

But drinking from plastic water bottles may not be safe. Here are some of the important reasons why you should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles specially in order to remain healthy.

  • An important factor to consider is that plastic bottles are not at all sustainable and safe since they are manufactured using huge amounts of water and fossil fuels. These plastic bottles are not even biodegradable. It damages the quality of soil, harming the environment.
  • If you consume aquaguard water, it is best to store them in a glass jug or glass bottles as RO care India A plastic bottle is not only harmful for the environment but it also harms our health.
  • Just because you are buying a sealed plastic water bottle, it does not necessarily mean that it contain pure glorified water. Most of them have been reported to have been filled with normal tap water which is not totally pure. Although most companies might have gone through the process of purification increasing the cost of the bottle thousand times more than the cost of actual municipal water.
  • Bottled water samples sometimes even can contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates, mould, microbes, benzene, trihalomethanes and even arsenic.¬†Continued use of cheap quality plastic water bottles can eventually become a health hazard.
  • Well, things made of plastic is not only harmful for health but it is also harmful for our environment due to the fact that it is non-biodegradable in nature. Most companies try to make BPA free plastic bottles but still some chemicals can start seeping out if the bottle is exposed to intense sunlight or heat. It can even cause major endocrine problems if the bottles are not washed thoroughly after every use. Although the exact symptoms of health hazard are not yet known. We should make sure to dispose off the bottle after one or two months. Negative heath effects are reported to have been more with the consumption of water in plastic water bottles than just drinking water from the tap.
  • It has been reported that most countries have banned the use of plastic materials including plastic water bottles to save the environment from further damage.

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