water infiltration

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For people who live with rains daily, and with a relative humidity of over 75%, problems with fungi and molds, which arise due to moisture caused by infiltration of water on the wall, are common. In addition to mold problems, it can also cause deterioration of the building if left untreated. If we suffer from infiltrations and do not know how to end them come, we can go for Review Restoration 1 on n49.comto better understand the situation and how to tackle them. Many problems of water infiltration occur by water coming from the soil. In new houses waterproofing methods are used to avoid this problem.

Look for the infiltration focus

For each infiltration point, there is a solution, so the first step is to find out where the focus is. Dark spots, bad smells, and cracks are some signs of infiltration, if they are on the top of the wall, the problem probably comes from the roof or gutter, which may be broken, or the slab may be poorly leveled, collecting water. If the infiltration is at the bottom of the wall, the problem is on the floor.

Solve the problem: wall infiltration

Identified where the problem comes from, we will have to do a mini-report. When water comes from the ceiling or wall, it is necessary to waterproof from the outside with specific products. If the tiles and gutters are cracked it will be necessary to replace them. If moisture comes from the floor, it is necessary to break the floor, remove the plaster and waterproof. If the problem comes from the neighbor, he will have to remodel his house, in the latter we hope you have a good relationship.

Use the right products: waterproofing

Waterproofing products will be our best friends in this fight, watch out for what will suit our needs. If it is in places that constantly have contact with water, such as bathroom floors and slabs, we can opt for an asphalt blanket, they are malleable of easy applicability and long-lasting. We can also use running batter mixed with waterproofing products, this will help prevent future infiltration into the walls. And in regards to finishes, acrylic paint is a great alternative because they are more resistant to water. The best thing is to always hire professionals.

Conclusion: Learn to detect other causes

If we have not found any of the causes of infiltration above, there are others that can be caused by poor installation of windows, doors, settlements, and floors. So when the installations are done, make sure they are accompanied by waterproofing. Water Extractionplays a very important role here.If we can detect the infiltration and extract the damped water, we can stop the water damage. But know that no building is free of leaks, what we can do is to avoid to the maximum with good quality products and well-designed projects and maybe someday you will have to do those small repairs.

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