Fire Damage Restoration

Steps Essential for the Fire Damage Restoration

The occurrence of a fire in a dwelling raises many questions, in particular regarding the following events. As soon as a disaster occurs, a procedure for compensation of the disorders is put in place. It is throughout this post-fire procedure that the insured is likely to question. Here are the different things to know after a fire.

The payment of an emergency deposit and the rehousing of the victim

When a fire occurs, the priority is of course the rehousing of the disaster. As a first step, the insurance can pay the insured an emergency deposit, which covers both relocation, clothing and catering for all the inhabitants of the damaged property. But in many cases, the amount paid is insufficient and does not take into account the composition of the household. Very often, 6,000 dollar would be needed, where only 1,000 to 1,500 dollars are granted. From the national restoration experts this is a very important matter.

In addition, it is important to know that the insurer is not obliged to relocate the victim, but simply to compensate the relocation. To do this, the insurance company is generally based on the rental value of the damaged property. However, some contracts guarantee the rehousing and the keeping of the animals, after the occurrence of a fire. The existence of an assistance guarantee can also allow the restoration during 5 days, as well as the relocation of the insured.

Safeguarding and cleaning measures after fire

After a fire, it is the duty of the insurer to take the necessary emergency measures to ensure the safeguarding of the property. It is then a question of protecting, covering, consolidating, evacuating, as well as cleaning, the property damaged by the fire. All these safeguards must be taken very quickly by the insurance company of the disaster; otherwise the compensation file may be poorly managed later. It should be noted that under no circumstances should the insured carry out the cleaning work alone, even in the presence of a verbal remuneration agreement issued by the insurance company. Regarding the disposal of garbage and the remaining furniture, it is important to photograph all the furniture and objects of the house after the fire, in order to keep evidence, for compensation.

Compensation for disorders caused by a fire

To be eligible for compensation following a fire in your home, it is essential to draw up a complete and detailed list of all the elements that have been damaged. This list must include purchase prices charged on the current market. All incidental expenses related to the fire must also be listed in order to be covered by the incidental expenses or indirect losses guarantee. Once the amount of the compensation defined, the victim is entitled to choose a contractor, who will itself manage the compensation, and the choice of craftsmen. The presence of a prime contractor is also necessary to obtain reimbursement of the premium by the insurance company, within the framework of the guarantee of a contract of damage-book.

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