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Tips on Choosing a Home Cleaning Service That Suits Your Needs

Hiring a house cleaner can be a great way to lighten your workload. Sometimes it can just get overwhelming , so having a reliable and trustworthy house cleaner come into help keep your home in order can be the perfect answer. Here are a few cleaning company hiring tips to help you get started.

Type of Cleaning Services

When you first contact a cleaning service, make sure to be specific about what type of services you need. While most cleaners will do basic cleaning like cleaning bathrooms, wiping down all the surfaces, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming, they may not include wiping down appliances, moving furniture, organizing your stuff on counters and tabletops, or picking up stuff around the house. If this is the type of services you need, you may have to make a specific request.

Extra Charges

Depending on the cleaning service, you will either get charged a flat rate or by the hour. It’s common to get an estimate from a company with a simple walkthrough where they can determine the time needed to clean your home and what they will charge you. When you do the walkthrough with the company, make sure your house looks like how you plan to leave it when the cleaner comes, so the company can give you an accurate estimate.

At this point, make sure there won’t be extra charges on top of the estimate. Sometimes charges are added if you need a deep cleaning of an area that is particularly dirty, if you have high ceilings, or if you have pets. All this should be discussed upfront at the walkthrough if they plan to add additional charges.

Cleaning Supplies

Typically, a company will provide their own cleaning supplies, but be prepared if you hire an individual who may expect them to be provided by you. Always ask about the type of cleaning products they plan to use, which is especially important if there is anyone in your family that suffers from allergies or if you have small children or pets in your house.

Background Checks

Don’t be afraid to ask a company if they screen their employees. It’s important to consider the safety of your family and your home if you are having someone come regularly to clean. Usually, you will get the same cleaners from a company each time your home is cleaned, but those same cleaners will need a day off or could call in sick at some point. It’s important to ensure that the replacement that is sent is trustworthy as well.


Always ask for references from both companies and individuals. If you are dealing with a reputable company, you should have no problem getting references, but if they are not able to give you any, don’t hire them.

Proof of Insurance

If you hire a cleaning company, have their insurance company send you a copy of their insurance certification. If the company cannot provide this information or if they won’t let you speak to the insurance company, do not hire them.

Always make sure to ask questions when hiring cleaning services. You can learn a lot about the company, their reliability, and trustworthiness just by how they respond to these cleaning company hiring tips. Always remember that these are people that will be in your home, so safety should be a number one priority.

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