4 Simple Modern Interior Design Ideas You Can Try

4 Simple Modern Interior Design Ideas You Can Try

Modern interior design ideas come from the need of simple, yet beautiful room. If this is also what you need, there are simple and easy way to make your room looks more modern. Or, we can simply say it as minimalist style. Here they are.

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1. Multi-Function Furniture

Modern interior design is all about saving more space, so, you can move around freely. Therefore, furniture that can be used for more than one purpose is the answer. This furniture will give you more open space and sensibility. With multi-function furniture, you also don’t need too much furniture. Your room will be much simpler, and that’s what a modern interior design you are looking for.








2. Mirror

In modern interior design, mirror is like a booster. Place it in one of your modern room style part, and it will boost the beauty and artistic level of that area. For example, if you use beautiful plant for decoration, add mirror next to it. It will be doubled its beauty. However, you also can use other material, as long it has reflective surface.



3. The Size

It doesn’t matter if the furniture has multi-function feature. But, if its size is too big, it’s not good for modern interior style. What you need to do here is change those bulky and big size furniture, and change it with smaller, but, has multi-use and you can easily stack and combined each other to save more space. The important word here is more space.



4. Texture and Pattern

The modern interior design isn’t always plain and bland looks, even though most of people think this way. You also can add some texture or pattern; if you think some part of your room feel too bland. You can do it by many ways. For example, you can use some rugs with different pattern, plant or classic furniture. This part will become your room point of view.

You also can use different pattern by changing the color of some part of your room. For example, you can paint one side of the room wall with different color than neutral and calm color that you usually found in modern interior design ideas. This is also the method you can use to make that part special, for example as the area for hanging out with your friend and family.
Basically, those are 4 ideas and tips you can use to change your room into modern and more beautiful style. Just use them or you also can make them as inspiration to find your own modern interior design ideas.



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