The Art of Logical Homes, Affordable Residence Made of Cargo Containers

The Art of Logical Homes, Affordable Residence Made of Cargo Containers

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a house made of recycled cargo containers? If you don’t think it is possible, you should take a look at Logical Homes. This is a prefab house project designed by a talented Los Angeles architect, Peter de Maria. Just like other prefabricated house, the material is cut and shaped in the factory and then it is shipped to the house location.

The Art Of Logical Homes, Affordable Residence Made Of Cargo Containers

Building house with prefabricated material might seem very weird. But the truth is, prefab house becomes more and more popular every day because it is cheap. Many people can’t afford the traditional house made of concrete or wood. This container house project becomes the solution for that challenge. And Logical Homes step up their game by designing prefab house made of strong and sturdy ex container material. If this unique house intrigues you and you want to buy one for you and your family, here are some additional information to help you consider.

About Container House

Prefab homes usually made of woods and beams, and some even has wheels so it can move around. But this particular company choose container because it is affordable but it is very strong at the same time. That’s why the architect chooses this material because it is appealing to the society. It is also a part of architectural movement where eco-friendlier materials are chosen to save the planet and take unused material into something more advantageous.

Benefit of Container House

Cargo container is chosen not only because it is cute or beautiful. The first reason container can be made into a great house is because it is sturdy. Of course it is not the strongest material on earth. But it is enough to protect the owners safely under its roof. Besides, the house is not made entirely with cargo container. Additional material will be added to increase its strength so you don’t have to worry about its safety.

The second benefit is related to sustainable environment movement. If you care about our environment, you must know that plenty of woods being cut every day for residential needs only. By taking ex cargo container to build your house, you have contributed greatly to the well-being of our planet. Moreover, since the materials are prefabricated and cargo container is very easy to assemble, you only need at least 12 days to complete the construction.

And last but not least, the affordable price becomes the most interesting thing about this house. You can save up to 75% of construction cost if you choose to buy this house. And since Logical Homes’ houses comply with the usual building code, you can still apply for the standard loan to buy this house.

AEGEAN 640 and 896

There are many types of house available from this company. But one of the most popular is the AEGEAN. There are two types of AEGEAN house, the 896 and the simpler 640. The main characteristic of AEGEAN is definitely its long cantilevered roof that serves as a decoration and shade for the house. AEGEAN 640 is 640 square foot width and it consists of one bedroom and one bathroom. This is a perfect house for newlyweds or independent person. Meanwhile, the 896 type has 896 square foot of interior with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Both types provide huge patio and the front room is totally covered with glass. Lots of sunlight definitely will make the house appears larger and brighter. As your family grows, you can easily expand your house since the material is very affordable and very easy to assemble. This is absolutely the best part of the AEGEAN house.

The Art of Logical Homes, Affordable Residence Made of Cargo Containers

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The Art Of Logical Homes, Affordable Residence Made Of Cargo Containers

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