“Big Apartments” Are No Longer Big Houses Now

“Big Apartments” Are No Longer Big Houses Now

Although it is a matter of preference but many people still think that living in a big apartment is more prestigious than living in a smaller one. They love having a large space to sleep, eat and watch TV while it is more than they actually need; a waste of money to rent the place and a waste of time to maintain the whole corners. Let’s start to think more practical and logical. When you need less than 400 square feet of an apartment to live in, why do you have to rent a place of 2,000 square feet? This notion leads you to the understanding that big apartments are not necessarily big houses now. Big apartments can mean living in a modern micro-apartment in order to have a large living; all amenities you need for daily life are there.

Big Apartment Building


Commonly known as tiny house movement, the preference of people to choose living in a smaller apartment should be considered by you. Living large in a small apartment is not an indication that you are flat-broke, that you do not have enough money to afford a standard apartment.  Not at all. If there is a smarter way to live simple in the middle of the crowd of a big city, you do not have any reason not to take the opportunity. Besides, these facts will ensure you that big apartments are not about the building, but rather, the living.


Having more savings

According to freshome.com, 55% of people who live in a small apartment or house have more savings than the average American with a median of $10,972 in the bank. How can it happen? To buy or build a full-sized house or apartment, you have to spend more than $300,000 which is a big number of money. Meanwhile, living in a micro-apartment costs you much lower than that so you can save the rest in the bank.

Owning your own home

Due to the lower price, you have a greater chance to own the tiny apartment. Well in some areas, the price of a small-sized and the standard ones can have only a slight difference but still, they are preferable. Have a look at a brand-new apartment at Carmel Place, New York City that offers you a perfect tiny apartment living with minimalist, serene and modern space. Or if you like to enjoy the spark of the capital city of the US, then Moda 17 in Washington DC is worth-considering.

Having more than one apartment is possible

Do you know that a standard US house takes up to nearly 2,100 square per feet? A tiny apartment like Factory 63 in Boston is around 370 square feet. Compared to the standard house, you can own up to 6 tiny apartment if you have the budget. Just imagine, you have a unit in Turntable Studios, Denver (339 square feet) and Los Angeles’s One Santa Fe (343 square feet). Don’t you think that is going to be awesome?

Having less credit card debt

Using credit cards has become a trend in a big city that you should not follow if you do not need it actually. The fact is, by having or renting a tiny apartment even in a big city, you are not going to suffer from severe credit card debts because there is less bill to pay. Again, it is all about affordability. With less debt to pay, you can have more money for yourself and finally, live better.

Big apartments in terms of building may seem magnificent, yet the trend goes to the opposite direction. In a tiny apartment, you can also live as comfortable as in a big one.







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