Dearest Modular Home Designs Which Environmentally Friendly

Dearest Modular Home Designs Which Environmentally Friendly

I believe on you that you love environment, so you will build modular home dearest which friendly to environment, right? As we know, modular home is home design had been build from fabric and then be folded. It sending to location which has been chose by truck.

Boutique Exterior Modern Modular House Design


There are some kind of home design “knock down” that it sale in the market around us. The influence modular home is the method of build faster than traditional home. If you want to build the house so fast may be you can try modular home design. You will get minimalist design for your house, and if you have been to life for long time or you should move from one city to another city as worker, actually modular home design is the best solution for you.

Dr. Hadi said that Blu homes are Startup Company which creates modular home design that friendly to environment and minimalist style. Startup created modular home used of new technology of building innovation. It more efficient from material and water. Modular home design estimated saver more 50 percent of water uses and electric energy than traditional design.

Design modular home has a great natural light, so that reducing the need to turn on the lamp and save energy. Thereby with wall system and warm can use sun panel. Beside of room setting, the building innovation and steel frame enable house which have high ceiling about 5 meters. It more economies, and modular home no need server more. It have stranger building of earthquake resistant than contraction of traditional house.


Do you know that modular home design has many benefited?  Well in this written will show the benefited of modular home design which can assist you to build modular home .

The Time of Installation

The time of installation construction is faster than conventional technology; It is tenfold faster than build traditional home design.

Amount of Handyman

Second one is amount of handyman to assemble technology 3 people only with a short time and more little handyman, so this technology is constitute which boost enhancement productivity of work.

Consumption of Technology

Thirdly, from the side consumption of technology construction just consummate about 60% of construction material than technology conventional.

Pay Attention to The Material

Fourthly, because refer to modular size, so, the material that worth is relatively few.

Opening New Job in Component of Industrial Sector

Fifthly, opening new job in component of industrial sector. And then it can involve on horizontal or vertical direction to second up floor without change under area.






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