A Futuristic Church that Features the First Baptismal Pool in Norway

A Futuristic Church that Features the First Baptismal Pool in Norway

A futuristic church with baptismal pool in in Rogaland county, Norway, could be the best answer for the low church attendance level in the country. Norway indeed sports some of the most beautiful churches on earth, including the Nidaros Cathedral and the uniquely built Stave Church. Froeyland Orstad Church particularly stands out due to its futuristic design and baptismal pool. While all churches in Norway feature only baptismal font, Froeyland Orstand Church is the first church in Norway to feature a baptismal pool. Its unique pool and its grand architecture will definitely make it a religious retreat that will attract members of the church congregation to frequent it.

Architecture Froeyland Orstad Church

The design and development of the 2100 sq. ft. building is completed by Link Arkitektur. For people who never see this church, it is almost unimaginable how a modern architecture design that is often applied to homes, offices, and other frequently used buildings can be applied to a religious building, especially given the fact that church attendance in Norway is among the lowest in the world. The church in the Village of Orstad, however, successfully shows its majesty and effectively provides its services to all members of the village community.

The solemn atmosphere of the church can be perceived starting from the walkway that leads to the church’s main entrance. With concrete tiles showing biblical passages placed along the walkway, church attendants can immediately feel the spiritual essence of the building. While walking along the walkway, they can immerse themselves in the majestic look of the church’s exterior.

The exterior of the church is designed to blend harmoniously with its surroundings. The dominant white color of the exterior wall adopts the calm and serene atmosphere that is created by the environment. The roof that slopes in two directions and the geometrical profile of the church building creates an impression of diversity within harmony.

The interior of the building feels so airy with seating that can accommodate up to 600 members of congregation. The church’s foyer can be configured with almost unlimited flexibility and basically functions as communal area where church services are provided, coffee shops, etc. The wave-shaped wooden roof runs upward toward the highest point at the top of the altarpiece, creating a dramatic look inside the church.

The church reached highest attendance level in 2010. Since then, the baptismal pool-equipped church has been providing services to the village and areas surrounding the village.

exterior of the church



Architecture Froeyland Orstad Church Link

Exterior Froeyland Orstad Church

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Architecture Froeyland Orstad ChurchArchitecture Froeyland Orstad Church LinkExterior Froeyland Orstad Church

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