Gorgeous Linear Fireplace Ideas for Modern and Contemporary Homes

Gorgeous Linear Fireplace Ideas for Modern and Contemporary Homes

Linear fireplace is the new hot stuff in the world of home decoration. Many people think that the traditional square fireplace gives too much hassle, and design wise, it is very outdated. The linear electric fireplace in the other hand is very modern and the rectangular shape is very simple yet magnificent. This fireplace is a perfect decoration item for modern and contemporary home since it doesn’t have the ancient vibe the traditional fireplace has. You are free to accessorize the fireplace and make it goes well with the overall decoration of your living room. Whether you add a glass, quirky frames or beautiful mantle, this thing will effortlessly beautify your modern and contemporary home.

Round Frame Fireplace


Long Fireplace with Storage

The best thing about this fireplace is you can make it as wide as you want and it still won’t take too much space. This is possible because you don’t need to add real wood to lit the fire so the height of the fireplace can be reduced significantly. To make a dramatic statement with the fireplace, you can make a long fireplace that covers the entire lower part of one side of your wall. Don’t cover the fireplace with glass and let the fire lit on the center only. You can use the empty space on both side of the fire with your favorite ornaments or maybe some logs for show. You can create bookshelf on top of the fireplace or put a beautiful painting or your entertainment system there. Thanks to the compact size of the fireplace, you will have plenty of space on the wall above.




Rounded Frame as Accent

Don’t settle with anything plain. Make the most out of your long fireplace by adding beautiful frame around it. For modern home, frame with rounded edges can be the best option. The frame will elevate the design and the fireplace can claim its status as the focal point of the room. You can add fireplace insert if you want a more natural look and make your house looks more contemporary. This is the best design if you want to install your fireplace under the window or on a bare wall with no accessory being put above the fireplace. Since the frame really stands out, you need to go easy with the decoration around it.


Contemporary Fireplace on a Cut-Stone Wall

If you enjoy outdoor setting and want to indulge in the warmth of the fireplace outside your house, you can install your linear fireplace on the patio. Cast-stone can be the perfect frame that provides sturdy and beautiful structure for the fireplace. Meanwhile, the fireplace itself is made of cut-stone with golden and brown hue. The grey stone slabs become the foundation that makes the fireplace stands in the same level with us when we sit in front of it. Don’t forget to put comfortable chairs and beautiful wicker coffee table with similar tons to accompany the fireplace. This arrangement definitely helps you to connect with the beautiful nature around you.



Small yet Meaningful

When it comes to linear and rectangular fireplace, size is never an issue. Normally, traditional fireplace is not suitable to be placed in small house because of its bulky square shape. But this modern fireplace is different. You can put it even in the smallest space on your house. You can put the fireplace on the back of the living room instead of on the front. To save space, you can put beautiful floating shelves above it and maybe a low ottoman right in front of the fireplace. Give the fireplace a simple wooden frame to make it pops out. Don’t forget to add glass to cover the fireplace to create more beautiful accent.



Long Fireplace With Storage In Mediterranean Family Room

Long Fireplace With Storage

Oval Long Fireplace With Storage

Round Fireplace Brick

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Round Frame FireplaceLong Fireplace With Storage In Mediterranean Family RoomLong Fireplace With StorageOval Long Fireplace With StorageRound Fireplace BrickCut Stone FireplaceLinear Fireplaces With Tv AboveSmall Firewall

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