Guidelines to Low-Maintenance Florida Landscape Ideas

Guidelines to Low-Maintenance Florida Landscape Ideas

Here are some ideas to have low-maintenance landscape as well as gardening. This guide is easy to do and make everyone a green thumb.

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Zen retreat

This design’s goal is to interest anyone who is passing by. These Florida landscape ideas are mainly applies the green field. It is to create the harmony and good looks of the landscape. The yard was planted with clumping Berkeley, surrounded by Aloe polylhylla and lined by the asparagus ferns. The softness of the landscape is provided by the Japanese maples and also dogwoods. Besides the softness, they are also attracted the color and shade. To make the courtyard, you can put the columns about 7 feet from the house. With blue and green color together with granite will add the harmony of the texture and calm.

Birding paradise

The garden is designed with the layer of granite and planted with the border which is flashy and it only needs little water. This border is loved by the birds as well as the homeowner. The color of this garden is very wonderful. It has pink Cistus, orange Leucospermum and purple Ceanothus. To make it personal from the street, they have shrubs. Perennial plants and also groundcover makes the landscape become flourishing. To attracting the birds, they also provide ribes and toyon as they have berries for the birds.

Suburban homestead

This garden is inspired by the farmhouse. The home is surrounded by edible plants everywhere. The home is surrounded by edible plants everywhere. You can find the Red Fuji apple tree, strawberries, blueberries, lemon tree and some herbs. Besides those edible plants, the ornamental grasses are put there. To make the Florida landscape ideas more private, the fence which has rural looks are all around the house. It was more amazing that the fence is enclosed by Niabell and grapes named Flame Seedless. The stone in the landscape makes the ranch theme becomes more real. The stone has its function as well to rest for person or having coffee there.

Shady patio garden

This landscape has a sycamore as the center attention. The tree keeps all the surrounding fresh and cool. To make it more attractive, holey paving, plants in the pots and other details to minimize the use of water.

Desert-like lawn-free

This home has the landscape with dry grasses. It is inspired by the desert. It has young trees and cemented area next to the front door.


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Landscaping Swimming Pool Tropical Plants Sarasota Bradenton Florida 3

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