Leather Flooring Pros and Cons – A New Idea for Interior Design

Leather Flooring Pros and Cons – A New Idea for Interior Design

Have you known about leather flooring? Flooring materials can’t be separated from interior design, so you have to choose the best materials for flooring. There are so many types of flooring materials can be chosen, but leather flooring is a new idea that can apply to get unique and elegant look. Do you want to know more about leather flooring? Read the information below.

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What is Leather Flooring?

Leather flooring is a material made of center-most part of cowhide. Some people may think that the material looks like leather for making belt, bag and wallets, but that is not right. Leather flooring material is thicker than leather for making other things. When you apply leather flooring in your home, your foot will feel the warmness of this material. But there are something should be considered before applying this material. Because the material is warm, so it is so good to apply in bedroom, closets or other area with little foot traffic. Avoid applying leather flooring in kitchen, bathroom and moist area, because it may influence the quality of this material. But this material is so durable when you put it in the right areas.

Pros and Cons of Leather Flooring

There are so many people want to know the right characteristic of leather flooring. Actually, leather flooring is as durable as other flooring, but these are the things you have to know:

  • Leather flooring is easily stain when there are food or drink dropped on this flooring.
  • Leather flooring is durable, but it depends on the area where you apply it. Leather flooring is easy to pucker or buckle because of water, steam and humidity. So if you can avoid this flooring from the things mentioned before, your leather floorings can last longer.
  • Leather flooring does not resistant to sunlight. If this flooring being exposed by sunlight, the flooring may become fading and also discoloration.
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How to Maintenance Leather Flooring

As explained above, leather flooring can be so durable as long as you apply it in the right area. About maintenance, here the things you have to know:

  • Leather flooring usually covered by wax, so it will resistant to stain and water. Then, you can maintain it easily.
  • Don’t often sweep or vacuum leather flooring. Sweep and vacuum is right way to make your leather flooring clean, but you have to limit that activity. Leather flooring with regular sweep and vacuum will be durable than leather flooring which is vacuumed and swept every time. If you sweep and vacuum it every time, the floorings may become has scuff.
  • Once a year you can clean it with leather cleaner and also apply waxing and buffing to make it more durable. The manufacture of leather flooring usually will give you recommendation to do those steps.

Well, those are some information for you about leather flooring. So, have you decided to choose leather flooring for perfecting your home design? Actually leather flooring is a good choice to make your home design become so unique and elegant. Finally, hopefully the information about leather flooring above will be useful for you.






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