Take Some Inspirations from This Gorgeous Loft Seattle Designed by SHED

Take Some Inspirations from This Gorgeous Loft Seattle Designed by SHED

Living in Seattle is incomplete if you stay in an ordinary residence. Seattle is gorgeous, lively and this is the epitome of modern and metropolitan area of America. Therefore, your loft Seattle must perfectly reflect those characteristic. If you need some inspiration to design your own apartment, you should take a look at a loft in Capitol Hill with strong industrial vibe. This 1.792 square foot building is designed by Miller Hill. The design is renewed by SHED Architecture and Design due to the request of the current owner.

Architecture Modern Loft Take Some Inspirations From This Gorgeous Loft Seattle Designed By SHED

Originally, the loft has plenty of large rooms and hallways. But the owners didn’t like it because the rooms were too exposed and also due to the lack of storage. After the redesigning project, now the loft becomes a gorgeous residence with plenty of storage and ultra-modern accessories. Most importantly, there is no wasted space left in the building. Every spot and every corner is totally exquisite and completely functional.

Strong Industrial Vibe

The most noticeable thing in this loft is definitely the industrial style. The designer manages to transform the building into a more functional residence, but in the same time, still stay true to the beautiful industrial design. The main material in this loft consists of concrete on the floor and some of the walls, zinc plated ceiling and decking as well as dark steel railings. The combination of grey, black and white color palette really works well to pops up the industrial vibe of the loft. Since the building is directly facing the beauty of Seattle main street, one side of the wall is completely covered with glass with exquisite white stainless steel frame.

The Kitchen

This apartment adopts open-space concept where there is very little partition—or none at all—between rooms. The most important and distinctive room in this place is definitely the kitchen. The kitchen is very simple and compact and it connects directly to the dining room and the living room. Grey brick is used as the foundation for the kitchen island as well as the backsplash. The grey brick spreads exquisite natural vibe that blends perfectly with the concrete floor and zinc plated ceiling. All grey room definitely will look boring and dull. That is why the designer added some touches of grained Zebra wood for the kitchen island top and also the cabinets. An open shelf above the kitchen counter that showcases the owners wine collection gives more character to the whole room. Meanwhile in the dining room, a simple wooden table with metal legs and some metal side chairs are added to complete the design.

The Upper Floor

To stay true to the open-space concept, the upper floor is visible from the dining room and living room area. The upper floor consists of studio office, bathroom and guest bathroom where the studio office lies directly above the kitchen. The baluster is made of black steel that provides protection and decoration at the same time. The furniture upstairs are dominated by black metal and some addition of spotlight lamp on the zinc plated ceiling makes the area even more gorgeous.

Extra Storages

Since the client requested plenty of storage to be provided all around the house, we can see many place cleverly dedicated as additional storage in this apartment. The most unique storage location is situated right behind the kitchen. From the kitchen, we can see an open shelf where the owner put their wine collection. If we go to the back, we will find a hidden storage there where the owners can put their personal belonging with the wine collection in the background. In the master bedroom, a special large closet is specially made to store the owner’s clothes without wasting too much space.

architecture-modern-loft-Take Some Inspirations from This Gorgeous Loft Seattle-Designed-by-SHED

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Architecture Modern Loft Take Some Inspirations From This Gorgeous Loft Seattle Designed By SHED

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